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YumTrade Online grocery store

YumTrade Online grocery store

Horlicks Original Refill Pack
Horlicks Original Refill Pack

Horlicks Original Refill Pack


The Original Nutritious Malted Drink!



Product Code: A10179
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Made with the natural goodness of wheat, milk and malted barley. Now Horlicks also comes in two other great flavours, the yummy Chocolate favourite and the Vanilla Delight. So, go on, enjoy a steaming mug of delicious Horlicks in malt taste, twice a day, every day!


Nourished with:
Calcium Helps build strong bones
Vitamin D Helps support absorption and improve strength
Iron Helps production of red blood cells
Vitamin B2 & Niacin Helps release energy from protein, fats and carbohydrates
Vitamin B1 Helps release energy from carbohydrates